Hengpro Magnetic LED Night Light
Hengpro Magnetic LED Night Light
Hengpro Magnetic LED Night Light
Hengpro Magnetic LED Night Light

Hengpro Magnetic LED Night Light

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Hengpro is definitely a lighting redesign. Using state of the art magnetic technology, this Night Light will lighten up the mood in your home. Therefore creating an enjoyable atmosphere at home.

The switch has been upgraded to reduce misoperations. Thus, Lift the bottom ball up. When the two balls are attracted to each other, the lamp body will be lit. Put the bottom ball back on the base of the lamp body, and the ball will be magnetically attracted to the base: The lights of.

Technical specification 
Light source: durable LED lamp beads, soft light, improve glare, flare and other issues, soft light eye protection, dual colour temperature adjustment, illuminate dark nightlife.
Dimming: touch the dimming panel “O +-” on the side, tap ‘0’ to switch between warm and cold light, tap ‘+’-’to adjust the light brightness and darkness, 6-level mode adjustment.
Battery life: 1500mAh battery life, meet 4-6 hours of lighting, when the side indicator is flashing red, plug the TYPE-C charging cable into the socket of the table lamp base, and connect the power supply; the power status indicator is always red Blinking means normal charging
Powering on; when the battery is fully charged, the indicator light is always white.
The sun is towards the moon, the moon is towards the dusk, and the Qing is towards the dusk, the two balls are attracted, the red rope is drawn in one line, and four-colour boxes are available for your choice. The foam is lined for protection and the gift is also ritual.

Other specifications:
Product Name: HENGPRO 
Product material: ABS
Product model: HBLPR-02
Rated power: 2.5W
Product size: 68X177 × 353mm
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Product weight: 325g ± 20g
Rated current: 0.6A

Package list:
HENGPRO | Weighing lamp * 1
USB charging cable * 1
Manual * 1
Exquisite packing box * 1