Puppy silicon lamp

Puppy silicon lamp

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  Technical specification

1, Usb Rechargeable: fast charge and overcharge protection. it takes about 4-5 hours to full charged;

   Signal Light turn "Red" when charging ; and turn "Green" when full charged. the using time is around 6-8 hours 

2, Touch Dimmable :  from 0-100%, Touch its nose to adjust the brightness , loosen your fingers to fix to the current brightness.

3, Timing Setting Function : shortly press the button on the bottom to choose 30 minutes or 60 minutes delay to turn off.

4, Double CCT: long-press the button on the bottom to change the color (between white and warm white) when this night lamp is lighten.

High-quality silicone material, cute and soft, good accompany for Children Kids and Baby.