Classic- SteelDive
Classic- SteelDive
Classic- SteelDive
Classic- SteelDive
Classic- SteelDive

Classic- SteelDive

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Do you want to stand out amongst the crowd? With our Classic- SteelDive, you can do exactly that. Built with only the finest materials, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, this Watch is certain to become a staple among your accessory collection.

Designed with the mindset of elevating your reputation to heights you never knew existed.


As with all items here on Fold London, we know you will be satisfied with your purchase, as many before you have discovered - and you can join them by ordering today.

Movement Type: fully automatic mechanical movement (two-way automatic winding)

Movement model: Japan NH35
Movement features: 3 hands/calendar, frequency 21,600 times per hour (3Hz), stop second device, two-way automatic winding, 24 stone, 41 hours of energy storage.
Case material: CUSN8 bronze imported from Germany
Case process: sand pulling
Bottom cover material: 316L stainless steel
Bottom cover type: screw-in solid bottom cover
Case diameter: 43.00mm (excluding the head)
Case length: 52.10mm (total length from top to bottom) Case thickness: 15.00mm (including mirror and bottom cover)
Case ear position: 24mm (where the case and the strap are connected)
Head weight: 123g (without strap)
Whole watch weight: 145g (including leather strap)
Watch length: 250mm (the total length of the watch/circumference)
Strap material: genuine leather
Table mirror material: synthetic sapphire
Table mirror type: single sapphire
Table mirror coating: anti-glare blue coating
Table mirror size: 31.50*3.80mm (diameter * thickness)
Bar head type: switch shoulder guard fixed head
Head size: 8.50mm (diameter)
Bezel material: CUSN8 bronze imported from Germany
Bezel features: 120 tooth ring unidirectional rotation
Bezel Luminous: Swiss BGW9 Super Luminous
Bezel size: 43.00*31.65*4.00mm (outer diameter * inner diameter * thickness)
Surface colour: gradient green + C3 super luminous
Surface luminous: 240,000/KG Swiss C3 super luminous powder, glowing green
Surface size: 32.50*32.00*31.00*0.40mm (wire hole * surface diameter * open surface * thickness)
Hand craftsmanship: bronze hour, minute, and second hands
Dial luminous: 240,000/KG Swiss C3 super luminous powder, glowing green
Hand size: 9.5*13.5*14.0 (hour hand * minute hand * second-hand length)
Waterproof level: 500 meters waterproof/diving [can wash hands, swim, dive, meet all daily waterproof use]
Exhaust valve: Yes (316L exhaust valve)
Packaging standard: professional waterproof plastic box packaging

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